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Orthodontists & Dentists: Different Areas of Focus

February 16th, 2015

Orthodontic Training Takes 2 – 3 Additional Years


While everyone understands that a Dentist takes care of teeth, not everyone is aware of what an Orthodontist does.  Some ask “Don’t they both do similar things?”

According to Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics which operates several offices south of Boston and on Cape Cod, “Perhaps the biggest misconception about Orthodontists is that we’re very much like your family Dentist. We’re actually very different.” While it’s true that both Orthodontists and Dentists care about helping you enjoy a lifetime of good dental and oral health, we go about achieving this goal in different ways. Dentists are the health professionals for regular oral hygiene exams and cleaning. They take care of cavities, treat gum disease, tooth decay, toothaches, and other common oral health problems.

Orthodontists, on the other hand, are specialized Dentists trained to diagnose, prevent and correct structural problems, as well as crooked or misaligned teeth.  It takes a decade of education to become an Orthodontist. This includes four years of college, four years of dental school, two to three years of post-graduate Orthodontics training, plus extensive written and clinical certification and licensing exams.

For structural problems, there are many treatment options: expanders headgears, lip bumpers. for crooked or misaligned teeth: retainers, clear aligners, and invisible, metal, and ceramic braces. Orthodontists have the specialized knowledge to consider all possibilities, based on variables like age, possible jaw imbalances, differences in the size of your teeth, and more. They know what to use and when to use it, and will work with you to make the best decisions – resulting in your best smile.

While children should visit their Dentist by age one or within 6 months after the first tooth comes in, every child should have an Orthodontic evaluation by age 7 to detect and treat any problems easily before they become advanced. Dentists often refer youngsters to an Orthodontist once some, but not all, adult teeth have grown in.

Another common misconception about Orthodontists is that they only treat children. Today, about 25% of Orthodontic patients are 21+ because crooked or misaligned teeth can be treated at any age. ARCH has patients from 4 to 84, and they say to all ages, “You can have the smile you want.”

ARCH founder Dr. Robert Chavez says, “It’s easy to find answers to Dental and Orthodontic questions on the internet, but there really is no substitute for the personal attention and specialized skills you receive during your Orthodontic appointment. at ARCH  We have thousands of patients who can attest to that.”

In honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month, from now through March 31 any patient who refers a new patient to ARCH will be entered in a drawing to win a Bose portable speaker. ARCH offers free initial consultations (a $500 value) and no-interest financing.  The practice also offers courtesy discounts to families of military personnel, veterans and municipal employees in the towns where they have offices.  To schedule a no-obligation appointment, call 1-800-28- SMILE, email:  or visit .

ARCH Orthodontics offices are in Bridgewater • Brockton • Canton • Hyannis • Hyde Park  • Orleans  •  Randolph • Stoughton • Westwood.

                                                                                                 - By Stanley Hurwitz /   508-269-0570   /

Nice-Looking Teeth Can Attract Opposite Sex, Lead to Professional Success, Survey Says

February 13th, 2015


Two national surveys agree that having an attractive smile and nice-looking teeth can lead to love and social success. Those are usually the first things people notice when they meet someone new.

In a survey conducted for the dating website, these are the top four qualities that adults 21+ use to judge the opposite sex:

1. Teeth – 58%; 2. Grammar - 55%; 3. Hair - 51%; 4. Clothes - 45%

And in a survey commissioned last year by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), one-third of Americans said their smile can lead to love and professional success. Some 48% of Americans ages 18 – 24 ‘untagged’ their Facebook photo because they didn’t like their smile. The survey showed that more than a third of adults are unhappy with their smile

Dr. Robert Chavez and Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics, long-time AAO members, estimate their practice has improved smiles for 25,000 patients ranging in age from 4 to 84 over the past 40 years, Following a national trend, one-third of ARCH’s braces patients are adults.

Seeing the results of this survey, especially around Valentine’s Day, inspires some people to consider finally taking care of teeth issues that have made them uncomfortable or self-conscious for a long time. Improved alignment can also help improve oral hygiene and prevent gum disease. “Treatment today is unobtrusive, almost invisible,” says Dr. Chase. “Professional Orthodontics has come a long way with innovative options and materials such as clear aligners, lingual braces and ceramic braces. Healthy teeth can be moved at any age.” A nicer smile helps in all relationships,” says Dr. Chase.  “We have a solution for every Orthodontic problem.”

Among well-known personalities who have worn clear and/or invisible braces are Justin Bieber (age 20) and Miley Cyrus (age 22), and those who waited a bit longer — Tom Cruise (age 52) and Faith Hill (age 47). ARCH is the Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts.

“An improved smile and healthier, more attractive teeth are a great Valentine gift, whether for yourself or for someone special in your life,” Dr. Chavez smiles.

ARCH Orthodontics, the Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts,  has several convenient offices south            of Boston and on Cape Cod.  Initial consultation is free (a $500 value) and no-interest financing is available. To                schedule a consultation call 1-800-28- SMILE, email or visit        

February Is National Children’s Dental Health Month

January 26th, 2015

February Is National Children’s Dental Health Month
By Age 7, Orthodontic Evaluation Is Critical, Expert Says

smile(ISSUED Winter 2015)  — The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) says that Orthodontics does a lot more than make a pretty smile. It also creates a healthier child and adult.

Orthodontic treatment improves bad bites (malocclusions) that occur as a result of tooth or jaw misalignment. Malocclusions affect the way a child smiles, chews, brushes and flosses —  and their self-confidence.

Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics agrees: “Every child should have a check-up with an Orthodontist by age 7. “February is National Children’s Dental Health Month — a perfect time to make that first appointment. There’s no cost or obligation for the initial consultation,” says Dr. Chase.

Why is it so important to treat malocclusions early? Dr. Chase lists several reasons:

  • Crowded teeth are hard to properly brush and floss — can lead to tooth decay and gum disease;
  • Protruding teeth are more susceptible to accidental chipping;
  • Crossbites can result in unfavorable growth and uneven tooth wear;
  • Open bites can result in speech impediments and other issues.

arch_chase“For some children, a timely evaluation will lead to significant treatment benefits initiated at the right time,” says Dr. Robert Chavez of ARCH. “For others, the principal immediate benefit is a parent’s peace of mind. Early monitoring of the child’s growth and development will lead to treatment when and if needed. By age 7, the first molars erupt establishing the back bite, and the front teeth begin to emerge. This is the best time to evaluate front-to-back and side-to-side tooth relationships. This is when we may first see potential issues.”

Intercepting issues before they become serious helps facial symmetry, jaw growth, can reduce treatment time with braces, and can reduce the need for tooth removal and other space issues.  “Our dedication to early diagnosis is critical to prevent extensive, difficult Orthodontic treatment later on,” says Dr. Chavez.  He says Orthodontic work for girls usually doesn’t begin until ages 10-12 and for boys, ages 11-13.  Decisions about a treatment plan should involve the Dentist, parents and Orthodontist.  We treat patients from 4 to 84,” says Dr. Chavez.

Drs. Chavez and Chase estimate that in its first 40 years, the practice has helped to improve the self-confidence, appearance, and ‘bite’ of 25,000 patients. ARCH’s team adheres to SPIRE, an acronym for their core values:  Support for each other; Professionalism—Putting the patient first; Integrity–Honoring our word; Respect–Care, Concern and Compassion: for all with whom we treat and work; and Excellence –In everything we do. “We aim to make each patient’s office visit the greatest part of their day – with the goal of providing extraordinary results and amazing smiles; It’s been our mantra for 40 years,” Dr. Chavez. ARCH Orthodontics has several offices south of Boston and on Cape Cod.  To schedule a free consultation call 1-800-28- SMILE, email or visit


January 26th, 2015

How many of these celebs can you identify?

smile contest

Submit your guesses by coming into one of our Bridgewater, Brockton, Canton, Hyannis, Hyde Park, Orleans, Randolph, Stoughton, or Westwood locations and filling out an entry form with your guesses.
In case of a tie, the winner will be selected in a random drawing from all correct entries.

Entry Deadline:   January 31, 2015

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