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Local Girl Is Named ‘Patient of the Quarter

July 28th, 2015

poqTen year-old Macey Conlon of Bridgewater, Mass., is a superstar with a big heart and a big smile.

This past year.  during a Knights of Columbus sponsored basketball Free Throw contest for girls and boys, ages 9-14, Macey won for her age group at the St. Thomas Aquinas Recreation Hall in town.  She then went on to win Town, District and Regional trophies, and took second place in the State Championships at Nichols College in Dudley, Mass.

Macey’s mom Elizabeth and dad Rob realized how much she enjoyed basketball when she asked to try out for the travel team. It was non-stop practice in the driveway with her dad and older sister Molly.

Macey also learned all the right moves from four travel basketball coaches and conscientiously studied a playbook. Mom Elizabeth says, “She’s a natural with sports and anything that she tries. She’s aggressive on the court and has earned the nickname ‘swiper’ because she’s so good at stealing the ball from other players. She’s also a good defender.”

Her dad says, “Macey had some tough competition but still came in second in the state. She continued to smile, knowing that she tried her best and she’ll be right back at it again next year trying to win the title.”  During the summer, she played in the Bridgewater Youth Basketball summer Biddy League.

Besides basketball, Macey likes lacrosse (dad is her coach), as well as running, dancing, singing, making up songs and entertaining friends and family. She also loves gymnastics, boating, swimming, kayaking, and just hanging out with her family. When not involved in sports, Macey listens to ‘top 40’ music and sings songs by Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony and Meghan Trainor. She really enjoys her new role: caring for puppy Yogi Bear, adopted from the MSPCA.

Entering 5th grade at the Williams intermediate School, Macey says, “I like math because I like to solve problems, and English because I like creative writing.” She wants to be a veterinarian. Mom says, “Macey has the right kind of caring and loving personality for that.”

Recently, Macey was named ARCH Orthodontics’ ‘Patient of the Quarter’ for her sportsmanship, team spirit, positive attitude, and extraordinary effort in everything she does, according to her Orthodontist, Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH’s Bridgewater office.

Discussing Orthodontics, Macey told her mom, “Having straight, nice teeth is important because your smile tells a lot about a person.  It’s important to keep your teeth healthy… You like to show them off when you take such good care of them.”

Macey describes a good Orthodontist as one who is interested in taking care of your teeth and making sure that you have a nice smile. “He or she, explains why you need braces and other treatments, and makes you feel safe and not scared.” Right now, Macey has braces on the top teeth in the front, but can’t get braces on the rest while she still has baby teeth. She’s wearing a cemented retainer on the inside of her bottom teeth to allow her jaw to be better positioned. Dr. Chase says in about a year, she’ll be able to get the rest of her braces.

Macey believes it‘s important to have perfect teeth and a great smile, even though, she says, “You should not judge a book by its cover, but first impressions always last.  Perfect teeth in a perfect smile don’t make who you really are — but it sure does tell a good story!”

ARCH Orthodontics offers free consultations for all ages (a $500 value), and no-interest financing.  The practice, which offers courtesy discounts to military personnel and their families, has multiple offices from Boston to Orleans on Cape Cod. For more info or to schedule a free consultation:  email  / 1-800-28-SMILE.  Visit

Cable Show Features Local Orthodontists Discussing ‘Straight Talk about Orthodontics’

July 21st, 2015

chavezAt what age should a child first see an Orthodontist? How much additional income might an improved smile bring during your working career? Tell me about the new procedure that can speed up the Orthodontic treatment period?

These are a few of the topics discussed during a recent ‘Prime Time Local’ program featuring guests Dr. Robert Chavez and his son Dr. Andrew Chase. Dr. Chavez opened ARCH Orthodontics in Stoughton 41 years ago. The show, ‘Straight Talk about Orthodontics,’ is hosted by Stanley Hurwitz, a PR and Marketing consultant and long-time local resident.

The show, taped at the Stoughton Media Access Cable studio, is airing during July and August on Comcast 9/Verizon 28 in Stoughton. The broadcast schedule is:


-          Tuesdays at 3 pm

-          Wednesdays at 11 am

-          Fridays at 5:30 pm

-          Sundays at 10:30 pm

The program can be viewed at any time on demand at or go to (click on the video on demand tab).

ARCH Orthodontics Names Lucy Cobb Chief Operating Officer

July 8th, 2015

cobbARCH Orthodontics, which recently celebrated its 41st anniversary since its founding in Stoughton, has named Lucy Cobb as Chief Operating Officer for the practice, which has grown to 9 offices stretching from Hyde Park in Boston to Hyannis on Cape Cod.

The announcement was made by Dr. Robert Chavez, founder of the practice, and his son, Dr. Andrew Chase. Dr Chase noted, “With such a busy practice and so many patients, staff and moving pieces, Lucy has the unique ability to keep things on track and organized.”

Born in The Azores, Portugal, Lucy Cobb arrived in Stoughton with her family in 1989. While in high school she started working at ARCH in 1996. She went on to earn her BS degree at Suffolk University with a BS/BA major in International business and a minor in marketing.

Lucy says, “ I am very close to all our team members who are all like family. We include each other in our personal lives which I feel shows through in the way we treat our patients. They become part of our family, too. If I’m able to make one thing in their daily lives a little bit easier, that makes my day. It can be as simple as changing an appointment or making someone feel more comfortable when in our office.” Lucy is married and has two children, Stella and Mason.

ARCH Orthodontics offers free consultations for all ages (a $500 value), and no-interest financing. For more info or to schedule a free consultation: Email / 1-800-28-SMILE, or visit  ARCH is the Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts.      

Photo: (left to right) – Dr. Andrew Chase, Lucy Cobb, Dr. Robert Chavez at ARCH’s Family Fun Day.

It Truly Was A Family Fun Day!

July 7th, 2015

ARCH Orthodontics celebrated the start of its 41st year in practice with a Family Fun Day at Faxon Park opposite their Stoughton office. 300 past, current and future patients of all ages came from near and far to enjoy face painting, magic, live bands, a bouncy house, games and refreshments. Among the highlights:

msmassMISS MASSACHUSETTS Lauren Kuhn greets a young visitor. Lauren is completing her second year at Harvard Dental School. ARCH is the Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts.                                           







famfun1SMILING STRONG are (from left) Dr. Andrew Chase, ARCH Chief Operating Officer Lucy Cobb, and Dr. Robert Chavez who founded ARCH 41 years ago.




famfun2MAGICIAN JOHN HENRY wowed the audience, making things appear and disappear (as if by magic!)





famfun3DUNKIN’ DOCTOR – Dr. Andrew Chase dared guests to dunk him. Many showed excellent aim!






famfun4 ANNIVERSARY CAKE – ARCH Marketing Manager Jenn Gordon prepares to serve slices of cake marking ARCH’s  first Family Fun Day and start of 41st year. Jenn coordinated Family Fun Day arrangements.

ARCH Orthodontics has offices south of Boston and on Cape Cod and offers free consultations for all ages (a $500 value), and no-interest financing.  For more info or to schedule a free consultation:  email / 1-800-28-SMILE.  Visit .    

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