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Orthodontists Offer New System to Speed Up Tooth Movement

April 28th, 2016

arUntil recently, the idea of ‘accelerated Orthodontics’ seemed impossible. After all, you expect that it could take up to a few years for braces to move teeth gradually to their desired locations.

But a new system – AcceleDent®, the first major Orthodontic breakthrough innovation in 15 years– uses micropulses to complement conventional treatment, significantly speeding treatment time and reducing  patient discomfort with only 20 minutes of hands-free use per day. It can be used with nearly all orthodontic treatment options including braces and Invisalign.

This month, Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics — with 9 offices between Boston and Cape Cod –announced that ARCH was selected as the only practice in the region to offer, for a limited time, a new ‘AcceleDent Now’ program in which units are offered at a significantly reduced price and patients receive a 60-day, no-risk trial. If not completely satisfied, patients can return the unit for a full credit.

Dr. Chase says, “Using AcceleDent once per day speeds up bone remodeling with tiny vibrations. While the Orthodontist works to move teeth in specific directions, the vibrations accelerate the bones surrounding your teeth to speed up the movement. This means you may actually get your braces off up to 50% faster.  For some, even more important than the speed change, the reduction and often elimination of pain is an even more desirable attribute. Patients have actually said they look forward to the soothing qualities when using it, especially on the days of and immediately following wire changes or aligner changes. Although using it more than 20 minutes per day doesn’t further increase the speed, it does help with pain management.”

“Accelerated Orthodontics is a win-win for both patients and Orthodontists,” says Dr. Chase. “Patients want to shorten their treatment and discomfort period, and the doctor is focused on reducing the likelihood of health challenges posed by prolonged Orthodontic treatment. Of special interest, even if you’ve been wearing braces for some time, introduction of AcceleDent can still help get your braces off faster. Most patients report that their Orthodontic treatment feels more comfortable when they use AcceleDent.” Treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical and the device has been cleared by the FDA.

“Unlike just a few years back, today’s anxious bride who comes to us less than a year before her wedding actually has a chance to complete their Orthodontic therapy in time for the photos on their big day,” smiles Dr. Chase. “That’s something else to smile about!” He adds, “Time is of the essence – both because of the planning ahead aspect and because the AcceleDent NOW offer is for a limited time.”

ARCH Orthodontics offers free initial consultations (a $500 value) and no-interest financing.  The practice also offers courtesy discounts to families of military personnel, veterans, and for municipal employees in the 9 towns where ARCH has offices.  For more info, call 1-800-28- SMILE

World’s Best Smiles on World’s Best Beach

April 5th, 2016

wedWhen you’re 13, braces are an inconvenience you live with because your parents say, “It’s good for you.” Yes, sort of like broccoli.

“Besides being self-conscious about wearing braces, the last thing you’re thinking in 7th grade is how great your teeth will look in wedding pictures in Turks & Caicos 20 years later,” smiles Caroline Smith of Stoughton who recently married fellow townie Adam Hurwitz.

Both Caroline and Adam were patients of Dr. Robert Chavez, founder of ARCH Orthodontics. “I still wear the retainer he gave me a few times a week. Pretty nerdy, right?” smiles Caroline who is proud of her meticulously maintained, perfectly aligned teeth. Learning of the marriage of two former patients, Dr. Chavez chuckled, “You could say that ARCH smiles created a bond that wouldn’t be broken.”

“Adam and I were just a couple of metal mouths back then,” laughs Caroline, an advertising copywriter at CVS Health. “Both of us wearing braces at the same time along with other friends, gave us something in common and made us less self-conscious. Also, she laughed at my jokes,” says Adam, a manager at Reliable Respiratory in Norwood. “Our office deals with sleep apnea patients who need to be fitted for CPAP masks so you tend to notice their teeth. You realize how important healthy teeth and a nice smile are no matter your age.”

Recently, Adam’s mother, Beth, who had braces as a teen, decided to do something about newly apparent spaces developing between her teeth. Shortly after returning from Caroline and Adam’s fairy tale wedding, ARCH Orthodontics’ Dr. Andrew Chase delivered Beth’s first set of Invisalign ‘invisible’ braces.  “I want a fairy tale smile, too,” she said. “It’s never too late.”

Orthodontist Offers Solutions to Sleep Apnea

March 29th, 2016

arOf course your Orthodontist can straighten your teeth. But now he may also be able to help you get a better night’s sleep.

While sleep apnea is most often treated with CPAP therapy — a face mask and hose pumping a prescribed dose of oxygen from a CPAP device, Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics says several patients have been treated successfully using a much more comfortable solution to: Oral orthotics.

With special training and a range of precision-engineered orthotic devices, for certain sleep apnea sufferers Dr. Chase is able to bring back that elusive good night’s sleep.

Snoring often alerts people to the presence of sleep apnea in which the airway is blocked during sleep. The blockage isn’t usually enough to awaken the individual, but it is enough to prevent him or her from falling into the all-important deep REM stage. Apneas can occur hundreds of times each night, and although the person thinks they slept all night, they have chronic fatigue.

It’s estimated that 30 million Americans have sleep apnea though most haven’t yet been diagnosed. It can cause daytime sleepiness, poor health, lost years of productivity and happiness — even death. Long-term sleep deprivation can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular disorders, heart failure, dementia, memory problems, obesity, diabetes and depression. It can lead to highway and workplace accidents.

Among alternative orthotic treatment options, Dr. Chase says, are a device that suctions onto the tongue. It prevents the tongue from falling back into the throat, thus increasing airway volume and eliminating snoring. Another device moves the lower jaw into a forward position, increasing space in the airway and reducing air velocity and soft tissue vibration. Medical insurance may cover these treatments if prescribed and approved by the patient’s doctor. This usually requires a sleep study to confirm the diagnosis.

“In addition to creating beautiful smiles, we want everyone to sleep well, to be alert and healthy because there are so many reasons to smile every day. And you don’t want to sleep through them.”

ARCH is offering free consultations for all ages – a $500 value – and no-interest financing.  ARCH is also offering a courtesy discount to those currently serving in the military, veterans and members of their immediate families. A similar offer is extended to municipal employees in the towns where ARCH has offices and their immediate families.

Ribbon-Cutting, Open House Proclamation For ARCH Orthodontics’ New Office in Westwood

February 16th, 2016

Westwood ribbon cutting 0216The Open House for the new Westwood office of ARCH Orthodontics at 745 High Street (Rte. 109), hosted by Dr. Robert Chavez who founded ARCH 42 years ago, and his son, Dr. Andrew Chase, drew an impressive crowd for a bitter cold weeknight. Adding to the festivities were an official ribbon-cutting with Miss Massachusetts Meagan Fuller (ARCH is the Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts), and a Proclamation from the Commonwealth sponsored by State Representative Paul McMurtry. Representing the town was Selectman Michael Walsh. Several area dentists who refer patients to ARCH were on hand.

ARCH’s new office is 3,000 square feet with a waiting area about the size of the old location. It includes a dedicated iPad/gaming area and complimentary wi-fi for patient use as well as refreshments. It’s a comfortable home-like feel where the staff uses only modern ‘state of the art’ materials and equipment. The walls are a palette of earth-friendly, relaxing tones. In the examining room, rather than traditional stools, doctors and hygienists sit on colorful, ‘fitness ball chairs.’ Nine year-old Aden G. of Needham said, “I never knew an Orthodontist’s office could be so cool. The iPads are a good idea for Miss Mass & Chloe cropped 021516a waiting room.”

During its six years in Westwood, ARCH Orthodontics won First Prize in the ‘Hometown Best Readers’ Favorites’ poll in its category for the second consecutive year.  ARCH has also been an exhibitor and supporter of Westwood Days.

As part of its 42nd year of service, ARCH is offering free consultations for all ages – a $500 value – and no-interest financing.  The practice offers a courtesy discount to those currently serving in the military, veterans and members of their immediate families. A similar offer is available to Town of Westwood employees and their immediate families. For more info or to schedule a free consultation at any of ARCH’s 9 offices, call (781) 329-1150 or email, call 1-800-28-SMILE, or visit .

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