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October Is National Orthodontic Health Month

October 5th, 2015

spooky“October is National Orthodontic Health Month”– the perfect opportunity to remind everyone of the positive impact Orthodontic care can have,  and to remind people of all ages to eat healthier and care for their teeth and gums all year long,” says Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics.

“Every child should have a check-up with an Orthodontist by age 7,” he says, concurring with the recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) of which he is a long-time member. “For some children, a timely evaluation will lead to significant treatment benefits initiated at the right time. For others, the principal immediate benefit is a parent’s peace of mind.”

Dr. Chase says Orthodontics can improve how you look and also have a positive impact on your health. If you have crowded teeth, braces can improve your ability to keep everything clean, reduce periodontal problems and tooth wear. If you experience pain or discomfort from TMJ, Orthodontics can offer long-term relief. It can also have a positive impact on your confidence.

While the traditional Orthodontic patient is in the 10 – 16 age range, Dr. Chase says about 30% of today’s patients are adults who want to improve their looks and self-confidence. “Aligned, well-spaced teeth make it easier to brush and floss correctly, and present a great image.” Studies show that a great smile can help you socially and professionally. Based on patient experience and national surveys, Dr. Chase says having a great smile can add $1.5 million or more to your lifelong earnings!

“This is also the ideal time to remind anyone with braces of our ‘Rule of 5’s,’ says ARCH founder Dr. Robert Chavez.  His braces care checklist consists of these rules, all associated with the number ‘5’:

(1)   Brush 5 times throughout the day – after breakfast, lunch or after school; after supper; after snacks and before bed.

(2)    Each time you brush, for each tooth on 5 surfaces, brush in toward the gums, under the wire, on top of the wire, on top of the tooth, and in back of the tooth.

(3)    At the end of the day, spend 5 full minutes to brush, floss and fluoride rinse.

Dr. Chase estimates that the ARCH team has treated about 25,000 patients of all ages since his father, Dr. Chavez, opened his first office in Stoughton 41 years ago. Today ARCH operates 9 offices between Boston and Orleans on Cape Cod.

For the fifth year, ARCH Orthodontics is the Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts and its Scholarship Foundation. ARCH offers free initial consultation (a $500 value) and no-interest financing.

ARCH Orthodontics Is The Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts

October 1st, 2015

missmassARCH Orthodontics is once again the Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts and a supporter of the organization’s Scholarship Foundation.  ( In photo from left are: Dr. Andrew Chase; Meagan Fuller, Miss Massachusetts 2015; and Dr. Robert Chavez, founder of ARCH.


Representing the Bay State, Meagan Fuller of Attleboro appeared on the nationally broadcast Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City.  Her platform is America’s Promise Alliance, a national organization devoted to helping to create the conditions for success for all young people. It is based on the belief that all children are capable of learning and thriving, and that every individual, institution and sector shares the responsibility to help young people succeed.


Meagan, who served as an AmeriCorps ‘Promise Fellow’ in New Bedford, earned her BA in Communication Studies at the University of Alabama and her Master’s in Public Health at Tulane. She plans a career in health communication: “I want to educate people of all ages on ways to keep themselves healthy, and learn about preventative medicine so people stay healthier while reducing healthcare costs. I want to work toward a more strategic allocation of resources.”

ARCH’s Dr. Andrew Chase says, “We share common values and a philosophy with the Miss Massachusetts program: to strive for excellence and to do our part to improve the community. We believe life is full of things to smile about and that Orthodontic treatment is an investment in that smile which will reap benefits for a lifetime. A healthy and attractive smile always creates a better impression.” Dr. Robert Chavez says, “This is the 6th year that ARCH  has supported the Miss Mass. Scholarship Foundation because of its dedication to helping young women recognize their potential.” ARCH was the first Miss Massachusetts Orthodontic sponsor in the organization’s history.

ARCH Orthodontics has 9 offices south of Boston and on Cape Cod. As part of its 41st  anniversary celebration, ARCH is offering free consultations for all ages – a $500 value – and no-interest financing.  ARCH is also offering a courtesy discount to those currently serving in the military, veterans and members of their immediate families. A similar offer is extended to municipal employees in the towns where ARCH has offices and their immediate families.

Employee #1’ Marks 40th Anniversary

September 8th, 2015

eomToday, the average employee stays with a company 4.5 years.

But Gail O’Malley is not your average employee. She still loves her job — and her boss — after four decades!

Today, ARCH Orthodontics – where Gail was the very first employee — ‘Employee #1’ — has 40 employees in 9 offices from Boston to Cape Cod. But it was a lot different in 1975 when young Gail met Dr. Robert Chavez. She recently reflected on her first encounter with the doctor who had just launched his practice in Stoughton Center.’

“It was July, 1975,” Gail recalls. “I had just completed the dental assisting program at Southeastern Regional Tech. I was working as a dental assistant, looking for full time employment. I arranged an interview with a local Periodontist, but when I arrived, he must have been at lunch. Dr. Chavez heard me knocking, asked why I was there, and said he, too, was looking for a dental assistant. “If it doesn’t work out with the other doctor, come back and see me,” he smiled. “Looking back, I believe Dr. Chavez sensed that I would be a good fit for his new practice, given my outgoing personality that matched his own,” says Gail.

In addition to interaction with staff and patients, Gail liked to watch how the practice kept evolving. “Dr. Chavez kept up with the latest technology. We grew from a one-doctor practice to a multi-practice facility with several doctors. I have survived several computer conversions, as well as going from paper to computer. When I arrived, the sign just said, ‘Dr. Robert Chavez, Orthodontist,’ He was generous, giving time off, buying us ice cream in the middle of hot summer days, taking us out to lunch.  If anyone had a family emergency, you had as much time off as needed.  He certainly made work fun. He was always available to see any patient, at any time of day, even going to their homes.”

Gail adds, “Today, despite the practice size, the fun is still here, and it’s still a family-oriented practice catering to the needs of the patients and employees. I especially like his philosophy that Dr. Chavez has never wavered from: ‘Your visit to ARCH  should be the best part of your day.’”

In 2009 Gail’s husband retired and they moved to Cape Cod. “I had been commuting 80 miles each way for a few years from the Cape to Stoughton because I loved my job. And when Drs. Chavez and Chase bought the practice of a retiring Orthodontist – one of his former professors — with offices in Hyannis and Orleans — it was a perfect solution for me to manage those two offices. I graduated from Massasoit Community College with an Associate’s degree and took business classes at Stonehill College, which Dr. Chavez reimbursed me for. That helped a lot.”

Gail says, “It wasn’t a surprise that Dr. Chavez’s son, Dr. Andrew Chase, would join the practice after Orthodontic school. I’ve known him since he was 8.  I took his first impression since he would not allow his Dad to take it.  He is a joy to work for,  level-headed, a great Orthodontist, and has good business sense. He has worked closely with his father to build the practice and is finding ways to take it to the next level. And they do their best to keep it fun for staff and patients.” (The name ARCH is an acronym: ‘A’ for Andrew, ‘R’ for Robert, and ‘CH’ for Chavez and Chase.)

With her big, contagious ‘ARCH smile,’ Gail is a walking advertisement for ARCH. “Early on, Dr. Chavez insisted on putting braces on me. I had 8 teeth extracted and braces for two years. He perfected my smile and it’s still perfect after 40 years. He treated my three daughters, nieces, nephews, extended family. They all have beautiful smiles! Over the years, a few relatives have worked at ARCH, too.”

There are other reasons Gail has stayed with ARCH. “I grew up in Stoughton, and knew or had a relationship with most of the people that would come through the practice.  And my husband was a teacher, then Principal at the Middle School. I could relate to the parents who had children at that school. It was a nice balance being able to juggle family and work, and I was able to go back to school.”

Gail and husband Ray have been married 41 years. They have three daughters, two grandsons and another grandchild on the way. Outside the office, Gail has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross Volunteer. (ARCH encourages staff members to “give back to the community.’)  She loves riding her bike and running on the beach.

Gail is pleased that she’s spent her entire working life at ARCH.  It always felt like home.” She says, “If  I’m ‘Employee #1,’ then Dr. Chavez is definitely ‘Boss #1.’

A Thank You to Those Who Serve Us So Well

September 1st, 2015

archARCH Orthodontics is offering a 5% Professional Courtesy Discount to municipal employees and their immediate families who work in the nine towns in which ARCH has offices.

The offer is being extended to staff of all town departments including teachers and School Department staffs in Stoughton, Bridgewater, Brockton, Canton, Hyde Park, Randolph, Westwood, and on Cape Cod in Hyannis and Orleans.

“We want to show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication of town employees at every level,” says Dr. Robert Chavez who founded ARCH 41 years ago in Stoughton. “We don’t want anyone who would benefit from Orthodontic care to miss out. For children, there’s usually a window of opportunity to begin a treatment regimen. It’s important to give kids as much support as possible to build self-confidence. Orthodontics often plays a critical role.”

Dr. Chavez says the practice is seeing an increasing number of people in their 30’s, 40’s and older who want to correct spacing or alignment issues. While many are focused on comfort and function, some come for aesthetics, such as brides and bridesmaids planning for weddings and photos six months in advance.

Dr. Chavez’s son, Dr. Andrew Chase, adds, “Orthodontics isn’t just about aligning teeth any more. Often general dentists refer patients to us to address periodontal disease, tooth loss, and TMJ disorder that can cause severe jaw pain and headaches, often due to tooth misalignment. A beautiful smile can greatly improve a person’s self-esteem and confidence, whether it’s a teacher who presents lessons to a class, a firefighter who spends a long shift with his colleagues, or a librarian  speaking to a book club.” The Municipal Courtesy Discount cannot be combined with other offers, and certain insurances supersede the courtesy offer.

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