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Often It’s Easier for Teens When Braces Are ‘Invisible’

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

Invisalign(Issued Winter 2017)  — Know a teen with an overbite, underbite, crossbite, gaps, or misaligned or crowded teeth? He or she may be a candidate for braces. Since February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, it’s an ideal time to think about kids and braces.

The teen years can be tough. It’s often a pivotal time when children go from being sweet and lovable to moody and difficult. Everything embarrasses them, no one understands them, and parents want to find the balance between giving them more independence while still protecting them.

Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics has treated thousands of teens since he joined the practice in 1989. Over the years, Invisalign aligners have become almost as common as conventional ceramic or metal braces for adults, but now they offer an aligners series designed for teens. Known as Invisalign Teen, this option has been shown to be just as effective as braces in many case types. He says, “Having straight teeth can improve a teen’s self-confidence and ultimately their quality of life. Patients always wear retainers to maintain the new alignment, at first full time, then night time only.”

Dr. Chase describes the simple Invisalign process. Your impressions are used to create digital 3-D images of your teeth. Based on those, the Orthodontist maps out a custom treatment plan showing how the teeth will move and how often new aligners will be used – usually every two weeks. Patients wear their aligners 22 hours per day, taking them out only to eat, brush and floss. Dr. Chase tells teens, “They’re nearly invisible so most people won’t notice you’re wearing them. After about a year, the new smile will be complete.” Sometimes a patient needs to continue wearing retainers to keep teeth in their new position.

The cost of Invisalign treatment is similar to traditional braces, and many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign as they would other Orthodontic treatments. ARCH offers flexible and affordable monthly payment plans.  Some families can apply their Flexible Spending Account toward Invisalign treatment. ARCH Orthodontics is a Certified Invisalign Premier Preferred Provider.

ARCH, Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts, has seven offices south of Boston and two on Cape Cod.  The practice offers free initial consultation and interest-free financing. For more info contact:  / 1-800-28-SMILE.  Visit Interest-free financing is available.   –  By Stanley Hurwitz /   508-269-0570  /

ARCH Orthodontics Supports Miss Massachusetts Scholarship Foundation

“Helping young women realize their potential”

Miss Mass Check(Issued Winter 2017)  — ARCH Orthodontics is the Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts and a long-time supporter of the Miss Mass. Scholarship Foundation.

Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics said, “We share common values and a philosophy with the Miss Massachusetts program: We believe life is full of things to smile about and that Orthodontic treatment is an investment in that smile which will reap benefits for a lifetime. We support the Scholarship Foundation because of its dedication to helping young women realize their potential.”  Miss America is the world’s largest provider of scholarships exclusively for women in the world. ARCH was the first Miss Massachusetts Orthodontic sponsor in the organization’s history.  In photo: ARCH’s Dr. Andrew Chase presents donation to Miss Massachusetts 2016 Alissa Musto and MMSFI Executive Director Dolores ‘Buffy’ Rabuffo.

Alissa, who represented the Bay State on the nationally broadcast 2016 Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City and was a Top 15 Finalist, has been working to improve the quality of life for kids through music. She founded Changing Keys, a non-profit that connects unused pianos with schools, community centers and students in at-risk communities to ensure that all students have the opportunity to make music part of their lives. A 2015 cum laude graduate of Harvard University, Alissa hopes to become an entertainment attorney lawyer. The musician /piano teacher volunteers with several arts-related projects, plays four instruments, and knows over 500 songs on the piano.

ARCH is offering free consultations for all ages – a $500 value – and no-interest financing. ARCH also offers a courtesy discount to those currently serving in the military, veterans and members of their immediate families. A similar offer is extended to municipal employees in the towns where ARCH has offices and their immediate families. For more info or to schedule a free consultationemail / 1-800-28-SMILE.  Visit ARCH has seven offices south of Boston and two on Cape Cod.     –  By Stanley Hurwitz /   508-269-0570 /

Not Getting Enough ZZZ’s? You Might Have Sleep Apnea.

Orthodontists’ Orthotic Appliance May Be the Simple Solution for A Better Night’s Sleep

Take This Snore Score™ Sleep Test

(Issued Winter 2017)

Do you wake up tired even though you feel like you slept through the night? Are you cranky for no apparent reason? Do others complain that your snoring keeps them up all night?

can't sleepYou might be one of the estimated 20 million Americans with sleep apnea, a disorder in which a person stops breathing periodically throughout the night due to airway obstructions. Most people with sleep apnea aren’t aware of it.

Dr. Andrew Chase and his team at ARCH Orthodontics ( perform assessments to determine evaluation candidates. Treatment options and the appropriate choice depends on the severity of one’s apnea. There’s a fee to examine and treat for sleep apnea, generally not covered by insurance.

Although the most common sleep apnea therapy is via CPAP (pronounced see-pap), Dr. Chase says, “Some patients may benefit from a simpler, less expensive, more comfortable treatment: a dental orthotic appliance.” A custom mouth guard holds the jaw in a forward position, decreasing the likelihood of the tongue blocking the airway.

mouthguardA family doctor, cardiologist or pulmonologist can prescribe a sleep study to confirm the diagnosis. Since 25-50% of patients don’t regularly use their CPAP because they can’t tolerate CPAP pressure, to increase compliance and effectiveness, some doctors prescribe combining CPAP with oral appliance therapy. Left untreated, sleep apnea doesn’t only ruin a night’s sleep; it can lead to  workplace or motor vehicle accidents, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, increased risk of diabetes — even death.

Dr. Chase says even if you think you don’t snore, it’s possible you do have sleep issues. Take this Snore Score™ test.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any 2 of 6 questions, have a professional evaluation:   

  • Are you a loud and/or regular snorer?
  • Have you ever been observed to gasp or stop breathing during sleep?
  • Do you feel tired or groggy upon awakening, or do you awaken with a headache?
  • Are you often tired or fatigued during waking hours?
  • Do you fall asleep sitting, reading, watching TV or driving?
  • Do you often have problems with memory or concentration?

ARCH, Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts, has seven offices south of Boston and two on Cape Cod.  For more info contact:  /  1-800-28-SMILE.  Visit Interest-free financing is available.                                                             

–  By Stanley Hurwitz /   508-269-0570  /

Community Celebrates Chanukah in Canton

Chai Jewish Center’s Menorah-Lighting Ceremony & Holiday Celebration

hosted by ARCH Orthodontics

chanukah 2016

Canton, Mass. (Issued December 2016) –  Some 50 people of all ages – including guests from as far as Providence – attended the Canton community menorah-lighting to mark the joyous holiday of Chanukah and the entire holiday season.

Event organizers were Rabbi Mendy (at center) and Rivka Horowitz of the Chai Jewish Center of Canton. Providing the space was Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics (to left of Rabbi, holding daughter) whose office is opposite Canton Town Hall.  This event was part of the Chai Jewish Center’s annual event calendar. Their mission is to reach out and create a warm atmosphere for Jews of all ages to explore and experience their heritage in a welcoming environment.

The program featured the lighting of a 10-foot tall menorah by Dr. Chase, Chanukah blessings, music, and hot latkes (potato pancakes) and donuts (a holiday tradition in Israel).  The 8-day holiday of Chanukah commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem following the surprise victory by the Maccabees over the much larger Seleucid Empire army in the year 166 CE.

Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH said, “We are pleased to host this holiday display and have always offered the opportunity to have multiple denominations represented during the holiday season for all to enjoy.” Colorful holiday lights from the nearby Town Hall and Library added to the festivities.

For more information about the Chai Jewish Center in Canton:  781-956-2507  / or visit ARCH Orthodontics, the ‘Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts’, has 8 offices in addition to the Canton location. For more info: / 1-800-28-SMILE.

 – By Stanley Hurwitz / 508-269-0570  /

A New Idea for A New Year’s Resolution: A New Smile

resolution(Issued Winter 2017) — Have you made any New Year resolutions? Maybe a gym membership, getting more organized, eating better?

Here’s one you may not have considered: Improving your smile! According to Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics, “A new smile is an investment in your best asset, and with advances in Orthodontics and technology, it’s never been easier to achieve that new smile.” He says Orthodontics isn’t just for kids anymore as some 30% of today’s patients are over age 21.

To ring in 2017, ARCH (, with 7 offices south of Boston and two on Cape Cod, is making special offers as an incentive to help new patients make and keep their smile-improvement resolutions:

  • A complimentary Orthodontic evaluation (a $500 value) and free x-rays
  • No-interest financing
  • A take-home bleaching kit – a $400 value  –for patients who begin treatment before January 31, 2017
  • Fees are frozen at 2016 levels for patients who begin treatment by that date.

Dr. ChaseDr. Chase says, “A smile is the most attractive thing you can wear. That is a great reason to focus on the look and overall alignment of your teeth. A bright white and well-balanced smile guarantees you will turn heads. Studies show a person who smiles more has greater self- confidence and is regarded as more sincere, attractive, and sociable.”

“Besides looking great, properly positioned teeth can improve how you bite, chew, and speak, and you’re less prone to decay, gum disease, and injury,” says Dr. Chase who’s been practicing since 1998. “Whatever the patient’s age, a perfect smile and great oral hygiene are our goals. Our experienced, a highly-trained and passionate team offers  a warm, fun, inviting environment where each patient receives a smile that will truly make a difference in their lives – not just in the New Year – but also for many years to come.”

Now in its 42nd year, ARCH Orthodontics patients range in age from 4 to 84. The practice is the ‘Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts.’ For more info: /  1-800-28-SMILE.

– By Stanley Hurwitz / 508-269-0570  /

If You Need Braces, Now Is A Good Time to Start

(Issued Winter 2016-17) – For adults and children, December may be the best month to start treatment if braces are in your future. 

DecemberDr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics notes several reasons:

  • Flexible Spending Accounts —  Year-end is a good time to use your Health FSA dollars. Some flex plans allow roll over while others do not, so in a sense any funds put aside this year and unused will be lost. It’s often best to get in and save that money before December 31.
  • Since the initial consultation with the Orthodontist, getting  x-rays and meeting about the treatment plan can take some time, it may be most convenient to have that appointment with an Orthodontist and Treatment Coordinator during winter  break.
  • Sometimes the New Year brings price increases.

Dr. Chase says that age 7 is the ideal time for children to have their initial check-up with an Orthodontist: “For some children an early check-up will lead to significant treatment benefits by starting at the best time. For others, the great benefit is the parents’ peace of mind.”

He adds, “We don’t typically advocate comprehensive Orthodontic treatment at age 7, but in some cases, early interceptive treatment may be appropriate.” Where needed, comprehensive Orthodontic work for girls usually doesn’t begin until ages 10-12 and for boys, ages 11-13.  The Orthodontist will explain the most appropriate treatment plan for you (adults) or your child and share this information with the general/pediatric dentist ensuring awareness and cohesive care.  For young patients, decisions about a treatment plan involve the parents and Orthodontist.

“While some general dentists do recognize early issues and make appropriate referrals to the Orthodontist,” Dr. Chase notes, “many dentists may not focus on growth and development, and as such may delay a referral when treatment should actually be considered and rendered prior to eruption of all permanent teeth. Others prefer to wait for the patient to ask them about whether they would benefit from treatment, making them even less proactive about necessary care. Orthodontists are specialists in facial growth and dento-facial orthopedics. As such, it would be prudent to have an evaluation, even if not suggested by a general and/or pediatric dentist.”

In the past decade, people of all ages are opting for Orthodontic work. Dr. Chase says, “While numbers of people at the extremes are rare, as Specialists, our patents range from 4 to 84.” 30% of ARCH patients are over age 21.

ARCH, the Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts and its Scholarship Foundation, offers free consultations (a $500 value) and no-interest financing. Courtesy discounts are available to members of the military and their families, as well as to veterans. ARCH has offices in Stoughton, Bridgewater, Brockton, Canton, Hyannis, Hyde Park, Orleans, Randolph and Westwood. For more info, call 1-800-28- SMILE, email , or visit                                                                                                                  – By Stanley Hurwitz /   508-269-0570   /



Treatment Plan Must Begin by January 31, 2017

(Issued Fall/Winter 2016) — Healthy teeth and a great smile go well with a healthy body.

Continuing its partnership to meet these goals, for the second year, ARCH Orthodontics presented the Stoughton Branch of the Old Colony YMCA with a New Year supply of lanyards for new Y members, imprinted with the motto ‘Healthy Smiles’ and the Y and ARCH logos.

And to call attention to the ‘Healthy Smiles’ partnership campaign, ARCH is offering a courtesy discount of $500 off the cost of an Orthodontic treatment plan for new patients who are Y members and who start treatment at ARCH’s STOUGHTON office through January 31, 2017.

Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH said, “This is a natural partnership. Both the Y and our practice are committed to meeting the needs of the towns we serve with a common goal: to build stronger, healthier communities where people of all ages learn, grow and thrive.”

Ellen Greene, Executive Director of the Stoughton Y, said, “We are thrilled to join forces with our long-time friends at ARCH to help local families to be able to afford the best in Orthodontic care, whether for children or adults. This is a win-win for everyone.”

ARCH Orthodontics has a long history of local community and YMCA support including participation in and support of the annual ‘Healthy Kids Day’ and Stoughton Day, plus long-time sponsorship of Stoughton youth sports of all kinds. ARCH’s founder, Dr. Robert Chavez, was a founding member of the Stoughton Youth Commission and, along with his son, Dr. Chase, has been involved in the internationally-acclaimed Operation Smile – World Journey of Hope. In addition, Dr. Chavez was an early contributor to the Y and his name can be found on the donor wall.

The Old Colony Y ( has 7 locations between Stoughton and Plymouth. ARCH, now in its 43rd year, operates 7 offices between Canton and Bridgewater, plus two offices on Cape Cod.  (For details about ARCH’s Stoughton office new patient / YMCA member discount offer, visit  For the past 6 years, ARCH has been the Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts.  By Stanley Hurwitz  (

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