Lingual Braces Vs. Self-Ligating Braces at ARCH Orthodontics

Which is better? Invisible self-ligating braces compared to fast self-ligating braces. Are you considering lingual braces or self-ligating braces from ARCH Orthodontics? Are you unsure what they are and what they do? Don’t worry, let us explain. Lingual braces are one of the more discreet ways to straighten your smile. Self-ligating braces will help you […]

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Correctly Spaced, Straight Teeth Look Great – and May Save Your Life!

(Issued Spring 2018) – Today people live longer and have a better chance of keeping their teeth for their entire lifetime. “It’s tough to properly clean all the surfaces of every tooth when they’re crooked or crowded,” says Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics. “The importance of cleaning all five surfaces of each tooth thoroughly […]

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4 Reasons Adults Should Consider Braces from ARCH Orthodontics

Finally getting a straight smile and moving forward with orthodontic treatment as an adult is about more than just wearing braces – it’s about boosting your self-confidence and getting the care you deserve. You’ll get better results when you schedule a no-hassle consult with any of the friendly orthodontists at ARCH Orthodontics in the Greater […]

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