Pediatric Dentistry

Orthodontics & Sleep Disorder Treatment in Greater Boston

Did you know your ARCH orthodontist in Greater Boston has a special advantage when it comes to spotting potential sleep disorder issues – especially in children? That’s because we’re specially trained and skilled to detect growth abnormalities that can lead to sleep disorders. In a study released last month by Case Western Reserve, a group […]

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Pediatric Dentist vs. General Dentist

What’s The Difference? When you have a child or multiple children, it’s often exhausting worrying about and finding the very best doctors or healthcare specialists to help them stay healthy and active. While the end decision is always ultimately up to the parents, we can help clear things up and avoid mind-numbing confusion. The easiest […]

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ARCH Pediatric Dentistry is Here

Even More Care For Small Smiles in Greater Boston ARCH Orthodontics of Greater Boston is proud to announce that we now offer pediatric dental care in our Stoughton office! It all starts with Dr. Karissa Koster, the first Pediatric Dentist to join the ARCH team. We love Dr. Koster because she’s passionate, personable, and precise […]

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