Mark Worden (Three kids got braces, so did he and his wife)

I didn’t think that I was going to get braces as an adult, it just came up that my wife Andi mentioned maybe we should get braces from ARCH Orthodontics too. While having the braces was a little embarrassing at times, I made it through the experience and I really appreciated the end result. I […]

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Andi Worden (Three kids got braces, so did she and her husband)

My husband and I joined ARCH Orthodontics after all three of our children got braces there. I decided to get braces as an adult after I noticed such a great change in my kids’ smiles. Even when they were still in braces, you could see their teeth changing. That’s when my husband and I decided […]

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Jacquelyn Worden (Got braces the same day as brother)

I was looking forward to getting my braces on at ARCH Orthodontics because my teeth were really crooked. When I got my braces put on, it felt weird because I’m used to just having my normal teeth without metal on them. But I was so glad I did it, because in the long run I […]

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Cameron Worden (Got braces the same day as sister)

I needed braces from ARCH Orthodontics because my teeth were pretty messed up following some accidents. I saw Dr. Chase, and he always came to my checkups with a smile. I never felt nervous about any procedure. There wasn’t really any pain at all during the whole process. Everyone who works at ARCH is so […]

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Drew Worden (20, 17 when first got braces – Invisalign)

I wanted braces from ARCH Orthodontics because if you’re confident in your smile then it makes you a better, more presentable person. Before I had Invisalign clear braces, my teeth were crooked and I didn’t want to smile. I was always afraid of being in pictures and I felt very insecure about myself. Invisalign was […]

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Makenzie Smith (17, Got brace to correct gap in front teeth)

I decided to get braces at ARCH Orthodontics because I didn’t like the gap in my front teeth. The gap bothered me because when I would take pictures, I didn’t like it. When I smiled, I didn’t like it. I just hated how I had the gap and how other people didn’t. The doctors at […]

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Madelyn DeAndrade (15, been a patient for 6 years)

Dr. Chase and Dr. Chavez treated me at ARCH Orthodontics. My babysitter was a patient there, so then my mom brought me in on her recommendation. In second grade, I got my retainer and a lip bumper. My braces went on in sixth grade and were off by eighth grade so, it was actually pretty […]

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Devin Gallant (14, Actress, had braces for 3 years)

I went to ARCH Orthodontics because my teeth were crowded in front and I had an overbite. Once I really started thinking about how that was going to affect me, I started to become really self-conscious. I was afraid it was going to affect my modeling and acting roles, and even how other people viewed […]

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