Sian Monteiro (13, had braces for about 2 years)

I definitely get noticed because of my straight smile. My life is so different now than before I had braces – my teeth were just hideous. I wouldn’t really like to show my teeth the way they were before. When I would go to ARCH Orthodontics for appointments, they always made me feel welcomed and […]

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Alexa Carlozzi (15, Had braces for a year and a half)

My friends who didn’t go to ARCH always complained about scheduling problems with their orthodontist. ARCH really helped me out and made my appointments convenient. Being a teenager, my life can be very busy! ARCH worked around my schedule so I could come in whenever I needed. For me, having a great smile is really […]

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Colin Musto (19, Wore braces for three years)

My problem before I had braces was I was missing a tooth and I had an extra tooth. At a young age, in about fourth grade, I really started noticing it and I really wanted to get it fixed. My mom and I went to ARCH Orthodontics for a consultation. Later, after getting braces and […]

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Kiersten Khoury (15, Beauty pageant contestant)

When I got my braces, I went to ARCH Orthodontics and saw Dr. Chase. It was such a great experience! I didn’t love having braces but in the long run, it was definitely worth it. I have a great smile now and I am really happy. ARCH Orthodontics has made it so much easier for […]

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